Is My Will Still Valid If I Get Married?

Organising a wedding is a huge undertaking – there’s so much to think about and arrange that it’s easy to forget, or even be unaware of, some of the legal implications of tying the knot.

Aside from agreeing to spend the rest of your life with your loved one, a marriage or civil partnership also means that you and your partner’s finances are now intertwined in the eyes of the law, including the future of your estate and the contents of your Wills.

This also means that if you made a Will before you married then in almost every case this will automatically be revoked (or cancelled).

If you fail to make a new one to reflect your change in circumstances your estate will be subject to the laws of intestacy if you were to die. Our affordable Will writing service can help you avoid any complications.

This means that the state would take charge of distributing it in accordance with a strict set of rules, and the proceeds may not go to those who you want it to.


Contemplation of Marriage

The only way your Will remains valid after marriage is if you’d had the presence of mind to instruct your Will-writer to complete it ‘in contemplation of marriage’ which means you’ve specifically mentioned your intention to get married.

To do this however, you need to know the name of the person you’re planning to marry, so it’s a good option for engaged couples. You cannot do this unless you have these details.

Equally, this applies to people who have previously been married and subsequently divorced. If you’re planning to marry again the effect the union will have on your Will is the same, i.e. it is cancelled.

Ideally you should make a new will as soon as you know who you’ll be marrying or entering into a civil partnership with.

If you don’t do this and leave it until after the event there will be a period where you have no legally valid Will. If you were to die during this time you would be considered intestate and the State would take over.


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